Have you dabbled with the dead? Have you rummaged through remains and enchanted the executed? Did you take a free online course on corpses and have you attended a seminar on sacrilege? If so, this outfit might be just the thing for you.

In days of yore this hat was worn by Baron Samedi himself. Every Samedi since has bequeathed it to his firstborn son in their will. Some say the hat is cursed, because every previous owner has died. Of natural causes.

It has survived five centuries of dark magic and dry cleaning. Do you dare to don it upon your head?

Last Thursday a banker made a deal with the devil to get a 75% discount on a nice new suit and a cravat. The devil played a trick on him and it turned out to be a size too small so he had to return it, and they didn't really have a refund policy so he had to swap it for something of equal value but he was in a hurry so he just left it there.

It's been in the shopkeeper's family ever since, and now you can get it for a really good price. Hasn't even been worn.

A long time ago a notorious voodoo master was having trouble doing his evil crossword puzzles. He vowed to the devil that if he bestowed him with a brand new pair of eyes, he would repay him with a thousand souls.

The devil was kind of busy so he went to an optician and got these instead.